The Machines

Space Bike


Robotshows spacebike

MetalRob’s Spacebike


This is our Spacebike.The Spacebike is 3 meter x 1,5 meter.One person can ride the Spacebike for about 15 minutes of show.The Spacebike is equiped with lights.

The Spacebike is great for small and big events.We can build a custom show aroud the Spacebike with one or several Robots.The Spacebike has been on many big events through Europe.

The Spacebike is available for shows, presentations, clubs, events, private partys and is a very unique machine.



 Time Machine



This is our Time Machine.The Time Machine is equiped with lights and smoke machine.On stage the Time Machine will blow your guests minds.


Robotentertainment Metalrob robotic entertainment

The Time Machine is great for events and clubs.We can build a show aroud the Time Machine thats suits your event.


The Time Machine is three meters high x 1,30 meters.The Robot that comes with the Time Machine is about 1,80 meter.







 Brain Machine


Metalrob Brainmachine robotic entertainment

The Brain Machine is a cool extra to come with the Time Machine and his Robot.










Transformer Show


The Transformer truck is a very cool truck that is 2 meters x 1,5 meters.This handmade Transformer Truck brings one Robot on stage.We have a cool Terminator Robot that goes well with the Truck.

The Robot Truck is great for big events and clubs.


The Transformer Truck is remote controlled and is equiped with lights and lasers.In this show the Transformer Truck is cut with a portable grinding machine.This will bring great light effects into to the show.


MetalRob Robot Entertainment has many cool machines and the right Robots to go with the Machines.Your event, presentation or party will be complete with Robot Shows by MetalRob.

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