MetalRob for your small or big event.


Robot shows for any event.Custom made shows or promotional shows for your company.

MetalRob for 15 years Robotshows for small and big events all over the world,

promotional shows,birthdaypartys etc.High quality Robot shows.

We have many different robots up till 3,5 meter high.

All robots have special effects,lights,lasers,gas,etc.Male robots,female robots,transformer,predator,terminator,cynami,spacebot,etc.

We have spacebike,timemachine,brainmachine remote controlled with special effects.

  • Small and big events
  • Custom made
  • Promotional activity (bars, clubs,weddings,birthdays, merchandising, brands)
  • High quality shows
  • Many different robots
  • Multiple robots
  • Robots up to 3,5 meters
  • Time machine,spacebike,brainmachine
  • International events
MetalRob Robot Entertainment

Local :06 55374449

Int      :0031-6-55374449


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